Phantastic Phils

The Punxsutawney Groundhog Club and NW PA's Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau present ...

Phantastic Phils! Public Art Project

"Phillage" Artist - Kelly Porada. Sponsored by the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club. Located just off of Barclay Square in the heart of Punxsutawney.

Public art has joined hand and paw to bring an exciting new attraction to Punxsutawney, also known as "the home of the groundhog."

"Phantastic Phils!" promotes community pride and solidifies this small western Pennsylvania town's reputation as "Weather Capital of the World" by placing 32 bigger-than-life fiberglass groundhogs on the streets and near businesses throughout the community.

The groundhogs are imaginatively decorated by local and regional artists, making each a unique work of art that will be on display for years to come.

The fiberglass models were manufactured in the Philadelphia area. Local artist Victoria Dicken created the drawings used by the factory to produce the Phantastic Phils mold. Dicken used as her starting point the friendly Punxsutawney Phil image created by popular Pittsburgh-area artist Rick Weiss, with Weiss' enthusiastic permission.

Finish coat applied by Smith's Auto Body, a PPG-certified First Network Shop.

N40 56.596 W78 58.323
"Get Your Phil of Roses" Artist - Brenda Nicklas. Sponsored by Roseman's Florist and Gifts. Located in downtown Punxsutawney.

N40 56.565 W78 58.683
"Ponksutenink Phil" Artist - Robin McIlvaine Sponsored by Marion Center National Bank. Located at the bank at 514 West Mahoning Street.

N40 56.634 W78 58.202
"Look At The View" Artist - Raphael Pantelone Sponsored by Johnston Furniture. Located in downtown Punxsutawney.

N40 56.442 W78 58.442
"It's a WonderPhil World" Artist - the children of Punxsutawney with help from Megan Fetzer Sponsored by the Punxsutawney Women's Club Located in Patsy's Park, a playplace for children on Church Street.

N40 56.718 W78 58.330
"There's Work to be Done" Artist - Kelly Porada. Sponsored by Ragley's True Value Hardware. Located across from the hardware on North Findley Street in downtown Punxsutawney.

N40 56.524 W78 58.626
"Phil'd With Love" Artist - Chuck Dill. Sponsored by Mulberry Square Elder Care and Rehabilitation. Located at 411 1/2 West Mahoning Street on Mulberry Alley.

N40 57.244 W78 58.500
"Start to Finish" Artist - Sandy Zambory. Sponsored by the Punxsutawney Area Middle School Student Government 2004-2005 Located on the patio at the Middle School.

N40 56.647 W78 58.104
"Freedom Phil" Artists - Nance Finley and Jeff Marshall. Sponsored by the Groundhog Festival Committee. Located along East Mahoning Street at the front of Barclay Square in the downtown area.

N40 56.656 W78 58.070
"Fireman Phil" Artists Nance Finley and Jeff Marshall. Sponsored by Cookie Depp's Grandkids. Located along East Mahoning Street beside the Civic Complex building in the downtown area.

N40 56.875 W78 59.730
"Through the Eyes of Pizzaria Phil" Artist - Kelly Porada, Chef's Hat - Sharon Perry Reesman. Sponsored by Laska's Pizza. Located along North Main Street (Route 36 North).

N40 56.625 W78 58.983
"The Spirit of Punxsutawney" Artist - Sandy Zambory, Original design - Rick Weiss. Sponsored by the Punxsutawney Spirit Newspaper. Located at the corner of Pine and Sycamore Streets in front of The Spirit office.

N40 56.592 W78 58.312
"Philtuminous: The Heritage Hog" Original Artist - Megan Fetzer. Redesign - Jeff Marshall. Sponsored by Miller Brothers Furniture. Located on West Mahoning Street in downtown Punxsutawney.

N40 56.933 W78 58.083
"Mary A. Philson Undercover" Original artist - Rhonda Mauk. Sponsored by Jeanne Curtis (School Librarian). Located at Jenks Hill Elementary School at 200 Jenks Ave. Recreated December 2008. Artist - Jeff Marshall. (Photo courtesy of the Punxsutawney Spirit)

N40 56.671 W78 58.169
"One Dollar Phil" Artist - Raphael Pantalone. Sponsored by National City, Punxsutawney Branch. Located near the drive-up window at National City on East Mahoning Street.

N40 56.576 W78 58.551
"Postcards from Phil" Artist - Rich Boniker. Sponsored by Punxsutawney Rotary Club. Located at the Lattimer House of the Punxsutawney Historical Society, 400 West Mahoning Street.

N40 56.626 W78 58.269
"It's Springtime for Phantastic Phyllis" Artist - Sheila Cuellar-Shaffer. Sponsored by Gene Puskash, owner of McDonald's of Punxsutawney. Located in downtown Punxsutawney.

N40 56.826 W78 58.054
"Phil Your Piggy Bank" Artist - Victoria Dicken. Sponsored by S&T Bank. Located at the Hampton Avenue branch of S&T.

N40 56.792 W78 59.026
"A Garden Philled With Memories" Artist - Raphael Pantalone. Sponsored by The Original Sarah L. Defelice Pizza House, located at 611 4th (Myrtle) Avenue.

N40 56.575 W78 58.214
"Presby MacPhil" Artist - Jeff Marshall. Sponsored by the friends of Phil of The Presbyterian Church of Punxsutawney in honor and recognition of the Scottish heritage of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)Located on Union Street, one block south of Mahoning Street.

N40 56.623 W78 58.201
"Phil'd With Service" Artist - Alan Bryne. Sponsored by Pantall Hotel, Inc. Located at the entrance to the Pantall Hotel in downtown Punxsutawney.

N40 56.552 W78 58.380
"Phil My Prescription, Please" Artist - Whitney Griffith Sponsored by Stewart's Drug Store. Located at the Drug Store on West Mahoning Street.

N40 55.636 W78 59.002
"You Can Bank on Phil" Artist - Bob Simcic. Sponsored by Indiana First Bank. Located at the bank on US Route 119, just south of downtown Punxsutawney.

N40 56.660 W78 57.787
"Philatelic Phil" Artist - Alan Bryne. Sponsored by the Employees of the Punxsutawney Post Office. Located on East Mahoning Street in the East End of Punxsutawney in front of the Post Office.

N40 56.672 W78 58.304
"The Wizard of Weather" Artist - Victoria Dicken (metal hat by John C. Smelko) Sponsored by NW Pennsylvania's Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau Located at the Punxsutawney Weather Discovery Center, 201 North Findley Street in the Downtown.

N40 56.408 W78 59.568
"Philled With Memories of Shannon" Artist - Sandy Zambory. Sponsored by Dad, Mom, Sherry, and Conor Located at Steve's Greenhouse and Florist, Cleveland Street, Punxsutawney.

N40 56.715 W78 58.230
"Phil A House With Love" Artist - Sheila Cuellar-Shaffer & Adam Shaffer. Sponsored by The Jefferson County Housing Authority Located on North Jefferson Street (across from the Community Center).

N40 56.644 W78 58.157
"A Philnomenal Place" Artist - Joy Myers Sponsored by Don and Candi Powell. Located in front of ERA Powell & Associates Real Estate along East Mahoning Street in the downtown area.

N40 57.082 W78 58.668
"Oh The Places Phil Will Go" Artists - PAHS Art Club. Sponsor - PAHS Art Club. Located on the sidewalk in front of the Punxsutawney Area High School on North Findley Street.

N40 56.736 W78 59.370
"Possi-Phil-ity" Sponsored by IUP-Punxsutawney. Artist - Nance Finley. Located at the campus off Center Street in the West End of Punxsutawney.

N40 57.006 W78 57.787
"Breakfast Sounds Good" Sponsored by Gimmicks Restaurant. Artist - Yvette Carrano. Located at Gimmicks Restaurant along Route 119 North in Punxsutawney

N40 57.623 W79 00.013
"Phil Your Dreams With Butterfly Wings" Sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Richard Thames. Artist - Whitney Griffith. Located at Punxsutawney Area Hospital on Route 36 North of Punxsutawney