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Should I Join the Chamber of Commerce?
Questions That May Help You Decide

  1. Do you want to see a healthy business climate in Punxsutawney?

    • The Chamber is actively working with borough council, PRDC, Jefferson County Department of Development, and Northwest PA's Great Outdoors Visitor's Bureau to bring about improvements in our industrial base, the business base, the image of our community, and local tourism trade. If the Chamber didn't exist, what organization would work towards those improvements on your behalf?
    • The Chamber initiated revitalization in Punxsutawney by bringing together interested individuals and organizations to form PRIDE (Punxsutawney Revitalization: Investing, Developing, Enhancing) to bring about improvements in the business districts of the community.

  2. Do you think Punxsutawney should be marketed to tourists, to industry, to potential retail businesses, and to the world?

    • The Chamber of Commerce Marketing Committee has led the development of a community web site - punxsutawney.com - that will not only market our town to the world, but will also allow residents to stay in touch with their own community.
    • The Chamber is the frontline for tourism information year-round and on Groundhog Day.
    • The Chamber of Commerce represents the community when potential new business owners or representatives from government visit town.

  3. Do you think Punxsutawney should be clean and attractive for its residents, visitors, and potential new residents and businesses?

    • The Chamber of Commerce organized the effort to purchase the holiday snowflake lights and seasonal banners that grace our town. The Chamber also oversees and pays for the maintenance and storage of these items.
    • Each year the Chamber identifies beautification or clean up projects it would like to undertake in the business district area.

  4. Are festivals and community events important to our town?

    • Festivals and events not only bring our community together and provide local entertainment, but also attract visitors - with expendable income - to town. The Chamber of Commerce works in conjunction with committees and businesses to promote and organize events in the community.

  5. Is the representation of the business community to borough, county, and state government important?

    • Businesses can represent themselves with government, but an organization like the Chamber, which represents 300 businesses and organizations, stands to have more clout when voicing an opinion on an issue.
    • The Chamber of Commerce is a member of the PA State Chamber of Commerce representing several hundred chambers of commerce across the state. One division of the state chamber follows legislative issues and represents the viewpoint of the membership to the state legislature.
    • The Chamber maintains an open line of communication with the local borough government, keeping them informed of Chamber activities and areas where we may need their help and cooperation.

  6. Is it important to the community to have an organization that acts as a "base of operations" for clubs and groups that need a distribution point for materials and may need clerical support?

    • The Chamber of Commerce offers support to many clubs, groups, and organizations by selling tickets, distributing information, making copies, and other such services. What organization would be able to offer this type of support if there was no Chamber?

  7. The Chamber of Commerce is supported, in part by, the dues of its membership.

    • Without a substantial membership base to provide funding, manpower, ideas, and input, many of the activities and services listed above would not be possible. We need the support of business and organizations.

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